Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Oita Prefectural Library

1962 - 1966

Oita, Japan


Site Area: 3,031 sqm

Building Area: 1,607 sqm

Total Floor Area: 4,342 sqm

The Library’s chosen site faces a traditional stone embankment uncoverd during archeological excavation. The site also lies adjacent to the Oita Medical Hall completed five years earlier. The building’s design and subsquent construction coincided with the Metabolism Movement most active period. From the onset, the project was conceived as “growing architecture” and was later published together with an article exploring the idea of “process planning”. Within this conceptual framework, the program is broken down tnto several different elements, which are categolized as type. A system is then developed whereby extra floor space is alloted according to thr different ratio of these elements. The manner in which different parts link up as the building expands is carefully considered. Meanwhile a temoral demension is recorded as an onterruption in the potentially infinite extrusion of the building’s cross-section. Several aspects of the building design attract one’s attention, including the vertical and horizontal matrix of the structural system in which the heating/ventilation and electrical system is interwoven.
This matrix can further be devided according to a specific hierarchy of the reinforced concrete frame system interrupted by the paired walls and piered by hollow box beam which respectively serve as circulation space and conduits of cooled air.