Long Hu Sub CBD Coordination


Kamioka Town Hall

1976 - 1978

Gifu, Japan


Site Area: 7,046 sqm

Building Area: 1,627 sqm

Total Floor Area: 4,307 sqm

The initial plan for the building, to be located in the middle of the remote mining town of Kamioka, was for a rather low structure that would remain inconspicuous among the surrounding houses, with their tarred tin roof. This design was rejected, however, and a building that constructed with the dark atmosphere of hte town was requested instead. The final design is a structure with an exterior of gleaming silver aluminum that resembles a spaceship.
Several basic forms are combined in this building, which also has an unusual combination of finishing materials (aluminum and granite). The cubic structure of the main entrance for the executive offices is faced in pink granite. A double-cylinder form houses the reception area on the lower floor and an assembly hall on the upper floor. The area in between, in certain respects an extension of the entrance block, is used for offices; "Marilyn Monroe" curve provides a softening effect here.