Long Hu Sub CBD Coordination


Hunan Provincial Museum, Renovation and Expansion

2011 -

Changsha, China

Cultural Facility ― Museum

Competition [Winner]

Site Area: 13,000 sqm

Building Area: 6,700 sqm

Total Floor Area: 23,000 sqm

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Ornamental tripod vessels have a special meaning in Chinese culture. They are not only artifacts, but also symbols of the thriving and prosperous nature of the nation.
We took inspiration from the design of the tripod as one element for the form of the Hunan Provincial Museum for the following reasons:
• Hunan Provincial Museum has collections of Hunan Province, the area around Dongting Lake.
• Hunan culture was formed at the time when Chinese culture was extremely prolific and the form of the museum gives visitors their first impression of this culture.
• The form also corresponds to forms found in Siyangfangzun, one of the museum's most important collections. Therefore, the museum's design stems from the influence of Siyangfangzun and other important collections.
• The crystal-like roof represents the solidification and sublimation of the water of Dongting Lake; it is, therefore, Hunan culture solidified.
• This transformation, processed with the meaning, vigor and cultural spirit of the tripod, connects Hunan culture to modern society, and expresses a renaissance of Hunan culture and the thriving and prosperous nature of China.