Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Zhuhai Shizimen Business District Urban Design


Zhuhai, China

Urban Design

Site Area: 5,770,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 9,422,000 sqm

The speed of development at which China is progressing calls for a new approach towards city planning which encompasses the most advanced form of technologies including transport systems for the 21th century. However, this requires a more holistic approach towards infrastructure hitherto never explored in terms of accommodating the vast population growth expected and intricacies involving the broader context beyond the CentralBusiness District or International Financial Centers alike. Any proposed future transport systems must now take into consideration, not just the localor district scale implication but regional benefits with which new infrastructures can offer in providing connections.
However this remains a challenge as integrating the new transport system into any existing urban fabric and city structure renders the task difficult. The planned Shizimen Business District falls in such position regionally in connecting with Macau and the main land China. With the introduction of a new transport system in mind, the potential for a new form of urbanism is envisaged for a possible shift in scale and process of ordinary planning methods for 21st century cities to come.