Long Hu Sub CBD Coordination


Shanghai Hangtian Museum

2008 - 2010

Shanghai, China

Cultural Facility ― Museum

Competition [Winner]

Site Area: 80,079 sqm

Building Area: 19,326 sqm

Total Floor Area: 31,500 sqm

Recently, area of space development is remarkable in China. The Hangtian Museum was planned in the city of Shanghai, where is the cutting edge of China’s scientific research. The site is located 20 km away from the center of Shanghai and 15 km south of Shanghai Expo site. Many research and educational facilities are located there on top of machine industry and space development industry. The place is important as a center of further development of Shanghai that is in the process of expansion.
The space development is a history of challenges of scientific technology towards nature. Human beings used geometry as the first source of tool to face against the nature. In the sense, space development position itself on the extended line of history of architecture. The building of the Hangtian Museum was designed so as the outer shell symbolizes the development of human science. It is planned for the purpose of widely spreading China’s space development, soft and hard, to the society together with architecture’s internal function that exhibits relationship between human being and nature.
The building that was bisected to the metaphor of heaven and ground will contain functional spaces respectively on spatial composition. The upper structure holds interactive exhibition space and a restaurant that offers a view. In the lower structure China’s history of space development is exhibited. There are also functions for planned exhibition and four dimensional cinemas. A large glass atrium that connects the upper and the lower structure include an entrance function. The vertical access is aggregated, so that not only the upper and lower is linked symbolically, but also they are closely linked in the view of architectural composition.
Beginning with the exhibition of the first rocket that brought success of manned flight in China, “Long March”, and by a piazza that is surrounded by mounds and functions publicly as the outdoor exhibition space, Shanghai Hangtian Museum will be enriched as a region to stand as the leading edge of development of China’s scientific technology and culture.