Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Datong Grand Theater

2009 -

Datong, China

Cultural Facility ― Theater

Site Area: 51,557 sqm

Building Area: 12,737 sqm

Total Floor Area: 27,402 sqm

Site situation
Datong Theater is located at Datong City in North-West in china.
“Datong Theater” is planned with the development of the new district of the city which contrast it’s presence with ancient old city.
Theater is involved in the cultural complex which contains Museum, Gallery and Library. The site of this building stands on important position on the common axis of old and new city.
It is needed to keep the own identity and balance with other buildings.

Clouds and Mountains
The iconic ancient heritage of Datong city “Yungang Grottoes” means its stands on mountain region with many clouds. This has been shared as original scenery in Datong.
Although the large roof of the theater is created by structural analysis as optimum solution, it refers clouds or mountains.

Architectural Composition
Datong Theater has two halls and one rehearsal hall it’s inside.
Main entrance and each foyer of two halls are connected in one large space which allows multi-purpose activities.
Two halls are arranged in opposite direction to share back stages which allows united use.

All of the elements are covered in one large roof, and it will represent new city of Datong.