Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Astana Presidential Library


Astana, Kazakhstan

Cultural Facility ― Library


Site Area: 40,000 sqm

Building Area: 6,400 sqm

Total Floor Area: 36,290 sqm

An 80 by 80m Floating cube is the proposal for the Foundation and Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s building. A simplistic, yet bold and sharply defined monumental form that will further enrich the geometrical vocabulary of the unique city of Astana.
The dome, or hemisphere, is an architectural feature that is recurrent in the city of Astana. It is a geometrical form with many religious, political, monumental & mythical connotations. Here, in this project, this dome and its connotations are pushed one step further, as the dome is completed into a full sphere of 50m diameter and this sphere is made to completely submerge in the cube. The space inside is one for contemplation, admiration and prayer, and is only accessed by the the First President and VIP guests. And in this sphere the skylight opening brings in a strong beam of light into the relatively dim interior to add more serenity to the space. Another opening at the center of the sphere frames the view of the city of Astana. The First President rises up, through a hydraulic platform lift, to the very center of the sphere, and with the Astana city view frame in his range, contemplates into the accomplishments of his reign, into the horizons of a city he has built, and into a great potential for the future.