Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Jinxianding New Resort Center


Weihai, China

Urban Design


Site Area: 1,100,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 792,347 sqm

Enters for the 21st century, day by day accelerates the Chinese internationalization advancement has welcomed a brand-new aspect. Conducts through the Beijing Olympic Games' success, already smoothly Contemporary China remarkable development achievement development in world people's front. Also China latent energy which has during the success development country, also even more lets the human anticipate and focus attention on this kind of national potential next development.
Weihai Municipal government manages a series of coastline developmental item also surely becomes in the Chinese internationalization development an important link. Therefore, regarding this development, we fully was understanding each base the characteristic and in the potential foundation, the fine vulture fine-pointed finish, the endeavour maximum limit unfolds this project the charm to be at.
This proposal is expands the actual situation in the careful research metropolis above the foundation, has determined the square, the public utility and the transportation spool thread position. Then take the common axis as the branch, park, cultural facilities, commercial region, housing space equilibrium shape. Finally, outlines one both to have the region integration superiority, and can perfectly manifest the design proposal which its unique bay terrain characteristic has a special inventive mind.