Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Festspielhaus Beethoven 

2008 - 2009

Bonn, Germany

Cultural Facility


Site Area: 41,000 sqm

Building Area: 5,300 sqm

Total Floor Area: 12,000 sqm

Ice Formations on The River Rhine
Majestically seating along the West Bank of the Rhine River, RHEIN KRISTALL represents a new beginning for the Beethoven Festspielhaus in Bonn. In a floating like appearance, with overlapping solid and transparent volumes, our proposed Festspielhaus offers a new shining beacon for music & culture lovers and a new Bonn landmark on the Rhine. RHEIN KRISTALL suggests a new way of appreciation of music as well as appreciation of the centuries old vistas of the Rhine River and its civic spaces. Gently reconnecting the Rhine promenade from the street level, RHEIN KRSITALL, reengages with the river while providing diverse possibilities for open air concerts, festivals and fairs. The proposed new Festspielhaus is a world class performance home for the renowned Beethoven Orchestra as well as a new reinvigorated home for the internationally acclaimed Beethoven Festival.

Rhien Kristall
The term Rhien Kristall can be referred to two natural phenomena: A crystal or precious stone such as the natural occurrence of quartz crystals or that of a floating ice formation along the Rhine River. Strictly starting from the essential acoustical analysis of the large auditorium and what can be done to improve it, as well as the interaction and visibility by the audience, our proposal took shape.
The Polyhedron form such of a quartz crystal addresses two major objectives:
• Creating a larger air volume and height to improve the acoustical qualities and sound depth.
• Providing an arena shape auditorium for a more intimate listening and viewing experience for the audience as well as for the artists.

Beethoven Festival
While adhering to the buildings’ objectives of creating a state of the arts auditoriums and a world class efficient musical center we also kept the urban and city objectives of reconnecting then Festspielhaus to the Rhine and creating an open and inviting civic cultural center.
The site layout and approach to the river and promenade are carefully planned not just to provide enjoyable outdoor spaces for the public but also to address the important functional requirements of the Beethoven Festival. The pedestrian paths, open outdoor spaces, grass areas, amphitheater, stairs and platforms leading to the promenade are all part of an urban landscape meant to be served as first rate venue & home to one of the most respected classical music festivals in the world.