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Krakow Congress Center (Concert Hall Interior Design)

2007 -

Kraków, Poland

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 11,083 sqm

Building Area: 8,300 sqm

Total Floor Area: 52,883 sqm

Architectural Design: Ingarden & Ewy Architects (IEA)

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Congress Center will create a new architectural reference to a fragment of the Krakow city nearby Vistula river waterfront, adjusted to the prestigious historical and contemporary context of the Old City, Kazimierz and Podgorze districts. Functional and compositional building layout follows interior and exterior traffic directions scheme, determining view points to create extensive public spaces opened to the city's main historical landmarks. New building occupies a corner of the plot nearby Grunwaldzki Roundabout an important car, bus and tram road junction. Contemporary countenance of the building is formed by organic irregular shapes and differentiation of materials contrasted with spectacular foyer covered with glazing opened up to a great view of Krakow panorama. The solid dimension is diminished in direction of Vistula river due to optical reduction of a large building scale in context of green boulevards nearby. Glazed, three storey high foyer allows visitors `to see and to be seen`. Building solid will be visible from Wawel Castle view terrace altogether with a curved roof - fifth elevation. In this view new Congress Center should harmonize with fluid form of Museum of Japanese Art and Technology designed by Arata Isozaki & Associates (in collaboration with Ingarden & Ewy Architekci). Basic elevation materials – glass and titanium steel are refilled with individually designed ceramic panels and granite, lime – stone, sand – stone plates, referring to typical historical materials used in Wawel Castle. Composition of differentiated materials juxtaposed with glass creates a colorful mosaique on elevations defining architectural expression of the building.