Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Hanoi Municipal Office Complex Competition


Hanoi, Vietnam


Competition [Winner]

Site Area: 96,000 sqm

Building Area: 26,500 sqm

Total Floor Area: 283,000 sqm

The Hanoi Municipal Office Complex present a rare opportunity for Hanoi to unify its public services and provide a state of the art 21st century city hall & offices for the benefit of the public and the city. The site of the project adjacent to ring road #3, with the national convention center in diagonal corner and surrounding residential zones calls for a unique and bold solution. In response to the site location, the project’s program and in reference to Vietnam’s rich tradition, We are proposing the creation of a new civic icon for Hanoi. The Hanoi City Gate will serve as a civic center of the expanding and changing Hanoi. Framing a city scale window, the project represents the transformation of Vietnam and connects its history to the future. In a diagonal corner from the National Convention Center, the new municipal center acts as a counter balance to enhance and strengthen the public function of the area and by that to become an attraction for new businesses, visitors and guests.