Long Hu Sub CBD Coordination


Central Area of Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural & Sports Center Competition


Shenzhen, China

Cultural Facility


Site Area: 39,587 sqm

Building Area: 30,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 29,994 sqm

The Nanshan Mist
This design project is done with the attention to the local environmental landscape from the specific Chinese historical viewpoint. Employing the most up-to-date technology and the front line designing concept, the architect re-interprets the grand roof of the traditional Chinese architecture, seeking to present the city of Shenzeng an urban landmark and her citizens a stylish recreational space.

“Chi” in Chinese, literally means “air,” or “breath” more likely. In the fong-sui theory about the Chinese landscape, there wrote: the mountain, once embraced by the water, thus holds the “Chi.” It is the “Chi;” e.g., the hovering mist or haze, that makes the mountain shape handsome and graceful; that is, the “Chi” and shape combine to derive the state that the mountain mist is serving the mountain, yielding the consistent changing form of the mountain cloud. Henceforth, grasping the ceaseless changing shape of the Nanshan mist makes the concept of the project’s form.

The Architectural Form
To shape up the architectural form, the endless changing state of “the Nanshan mist” is congealed to develop the ground roof and wall; the physically free curved shell form of the Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center is hence there.