Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Hotel Puerta America

2004 - 2005

Madrid, Spain


Total Floor Area: 1,500 sqm

In the edition of the Salone di Milano in 2002 an event entitled GRAND HOTEL was held,
in which architects were invited to design a room for imaginary hotels in the different parts of the world.
It was on this occasion when Isozaki proposed a Japanese style room.
Also at the beginning of the Hotel Puerta America project he sought to retrieve the idea of the "Ryokan" style, the traditional Japanese style hotel, with the use of the tatami and futon, although later on it turned out necessary to adapt in a practical way the Japanese style to the new situation: a hotel in Spain and execution of work with European techniques.
The main goal was to express the Japanese style without using such elements as the futon or tatami, some of the typical elements usually found in a traditional Japanese room.
These thoughts led to the choice of black materials and Indian ink and the use of low-intensity lighting to express the concept of "darkness" returning to the idea of "tenebrosity" that Isozaki developed in the '60s.
This darkness creates a strong contrast with the colorful façade of Jean Nouvel.