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Hotel Termal, Arties 

2004 - 2005

Arties, Spain


Site Area: 22,618 sqm

Total Floor Area: 8,850 sqm

This project is defined as the recovery of the “Old Baths of Arties” and the configuration of a new complex in which the ancient practice of treatment by taking advantage of the properties of the waters is rehabilitated. The proposal for the entire plot consists of: a five-star deluxe hotel with spa, the hot baths establishment with a five-star hotel, and a restaurant. It is located in the Val d’Aran area, a valley in which the small villages have kept up their traditional appearance.
The creation of a “new village” is proposed, one in which the construction will respect the traditional landscape of the region creating an exceptional environment. The different activities within the group will be broken up in various volumes that will be united by a single roof, with the creation of common areas serving the entire complex. Natural stone, a local material, is used to cover walls and vertical surfaces, while the local use of slate for the sloped roof is reinterpreted by using a single piece of corten steel. The play on inclinations used in the sloped roofs will created a continuous and dynamic element in dialogue with the project’s surroundings.