Datong Theater - Construction Site


University of Central Asia Naryn Campus

2004 -

Naryn, Kyrgyz


Site Area: 3,969,200 sqm

Building Area: 65,373 sqm

Total Floor Area: 94,114 sqm

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The University of Central Asia was founded by the presidents of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, and the Aga Khan, to foster economic and social development throughout the vast mountain zones of Central Asia, and is the world's first internationally chartered institution of higher education.
The project aims to build a modern educational institution for the newly born university, which will be located in three towns; Khorog Tajikistan, Naryn Kyrgyz Republic, Tekeli Kazakhstan. Development of each campus will be by multistage construction, comprised of three phases, with total floor area of approximately 80,000sq.m. each.
Each of the campuses are designed in relations with surrounding environment, and the characteristics are as unique as what they have in common.

Naryn province or oblast is at the geographical heart of the Tien-Shan mountain range and of Kyrgyzstan, sharing borders with four of the nation’s six other provinces. Its capital, Naryn, is four hours by car from the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek and an equal distance from Kashgar in the People’s Republic of China. Ak-Kya, the UCA campus site is along a bend of the Naryn River, 12 kilometres downstream from the city.
The site is characterized by this river and the “ Red Mountain” which sits across the river from the campus site, giving the magnificent back drop to the campus.
The campus is planned in a manner that highly gives importance to the view towards the Great Red Mountain, and the heights are determined in relation to maintaining the view towards the mountain.