Long Hu Sub CBD Coordination


TEDA Two Decade Anniversary Urban Memorial Monument Design


Tianjin, China


Site Area: 314 sqm

This monument is built in honor of the 20th anniversary of TEDA. It is located in the center of the next intersection after the monument in honor of the 10th anniversary. It is designed to be a revolving solid at the diameter of 10m, with a 50m high tower in the middle. This tower is shaped like a spiral in the plane. A three-dimensional curve cut from the Cornu’s spiral in the façade is gradually reduced to a bifilar helix, forming an ingenious shape by means of mirror symmetry and line-to- plane connection. Just like a DNA model, it can be cut in any plane or section. What join 3D curves are all straight lines, automatically and regularly altering through mirror symmetry. According to analysis, if all adopts the solid steel to manufacture,
The steel sheets can be gradually reduced to the upper layer in thickness of 20mm from the bottom layer in thickness of 150mm. After considering various manufacturing schemes, as suggested by the construction workers, all materials are made of the cast steel to directly manufacture the casting model in depth of 2m through the 3D model. Then the curved casting model can be welded in the factory within the scope of the lifting weight and finally assembled on the site. This shows the powerful strength of the current Chinese construction field within only 3 months from construction to completion. The upright monument shape can arouse a solid sense of its materials nearby and generates a lightly rising sense after. Compared with the actual dimension, people can more easily sense the tallness, mass and reason of the object. This is the eternal instant feeling of the monument shape.