Qatar National Convention Center


Megaron Concert Hall

2003 - 2011

Thessaloniki, Greece

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 1,684 sqm

Building Area: 3,261 sqm

Total Floor Area: 7,502 sqm

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This Hall is expansion of Opera House that was built 10 years ago in Thessaloniki, the northern town of Greece. Originally this program was to create a space of rehearsal. But the space was converted as a chamber music concert. The Concert Hall (Rehearsal Hall) which can accommodate 500 audiences, Conference Center, Museum of musical instruments, Library, and Restaurant are located.
Thessaloniki, The city has been formed in urban area along the Terumaikosu Gulf lead to the Aegean Sea, The site is one of the pier jutting into the bay, which is the top of the pier, known as Poseidon and overlooking Mount Olympus across the bay from this site.
Existing Opera House has a stage on the sea side, has a facade for the town. This Concert hall, has a stage on the town side, has Foyer and Restaurants for the sea side having a good view toward the Terumaikosu Gulf. Foyer and restaurant, along with Museums and Library, are planned to be available at all times when there is no such as a concert performance.