Datong Theater - Construction Site


Milano Fiera Redevelopment

2003 -

Milan, Italy


Site Area: 255,000 sqm

Building Area: 25,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 100,000 sqm

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The old Fair of Milan covers an important area near the centre of the town. In 2005 a new Fair district has been realised and opened to the public in the periphery of Milan. A private competition with important developers and architects has been done in 2003 to select a project of renovation of the old Fair district. A team composed by Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libesind and Pier Paolo Maggiora has designed the winner project. The concept of the master plan is to continue the surrounding residential areas inside the old Fear, to create a big park for public use in the middle and a new business centre with three skyscrapers. Other facilities of the new develop-ment include a museum of design, now missing in Milan, a design centre, a museum of the children, and some retails. Arata Isozaki, Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind design the three skyscrapers. The Isozaki’s entire project is based on the Penrose pattern. This is a mathematical system to get an infinite association of two rumbles geometrical figures. The rumble has all the lines equal and this gets a random pattern of all equal lines. It is a kind of geometrically controlled casualty. The Penrose pattern is the base for all the housing, skyscraper and main square design. The housing are composed on a basic module of three rumbles, containing three apartments served by double elevators and a security stair. The apartments will have different sizes and distribution to follow the client’s requirement. The facades are made by long vertical panels 600x3600 in stone, glass or louvers and they are distributed in a random way according to the apart-ment needs. The volumes of the housing are a vertical extrusion of the basic rumble modules with different heights.