Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Cultural Theme Park “Hai Shang Yi Yuan”


Shanghai, China

Cultural Facility

Competition [Winner]

Site Area: 750,000 sqm

Building Area: 100,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 270,000 sqm

Located on the east of Huangpo River which runs through the city of Shanghai, Pudong New Area is evolving at a rapid pace with numerous cultural facilities in the works, in rival with the urban functions of the long-established city center on the west side of the River. This project involves a comprehensive planning including the programs of an architecture with both cultural functions and park-type environment, on a 75ha site along the peripheral border of the Area. Construction of College of Cadres for the Communist Party of China has already begun on the north of the site.
Although each element has been arranged to form one integrated facility as a whole, as to avoid putting emphasis on either architecture, landscape or any part of the two, the plan is divided into three zones; 'art zone', 'park zone' and 'commercial zone', 'Art zone', an activities center embracing the diversity of art genres, is to become the central ground of Shanghai Biennale established in 1996. It consists of an 'visual arts center' as the main exhibition facility, an 'international garden' composed of a variety of scattered, small gardens and exhibition pavilions, and an 'artist club' supporting creative activities and exchange among artists. 'Park zone' is basically a public park and plaza for everyday use, catering to festivals and events including outdoor exhibitions and musical events with attendance of several thousands to over hundred thousand people. It features a 'sound image plaza' with stages and large-scaled image equipments, and a 300m square ' green plaza' defined by the 'media towers' whose light-effect capabilities exceed ordinary light towers. 'Commercial zone' is structured around a hotel and a shopping mall under the themes of fashion and art in a broader sense, both of which being facilities that are essential to a comprehensive economic plan.
Each function and planting is mainly positioned around the plaza function in the center, or overlaying each individual shape, or else, along the axis lines, grid and geometrical Penrose patterns that cover the 'island'-like site, including the adjacent college, that has been cut out from the surroundings by waterways. Zones on the 'island' can be accessed from east and from west through rather limited approaches from west new subway station. Major flow lines pass inside and outside the architecture and get across the entire site.