E-JUST - Perspective


Clubhouse, Fujimi Country Club

1973 - 1974

Oita, Japan

Club House

Site Area: 714,524 sqm

Building Area: 1,267 sqm

Total Floor Area: 1,841 sqm

The question "Why is it that the Japanese love golf so much?" - often asked in Japan as well as elsewhere - is embodied in the plan of this golf clubhouse, which takes the shape of a question mark. The form was arrived at only in the final stage of design; the initial concept simply outlined a continuous barrel-vaulted structure.
One reason for choosing a vault form was to secure the view over the golf course from inside the building. In terms of structure, this means that the vault must be supported with transverse tension bars to allow for windows in the walls beneath it. Sections that need to be closed off, like locker rooms, are set partially underground. Located above these are semi-independent spaces for the entrance hall, lounges, restaurant, meeting rooms, and other functions - developed in one almost continuous whole. It is the winding of the barrel vault that makes it possible to create areas of the spatial independence. The vault protrudes in front, forming a semicircular entrance canopy. The design of the front elevation includes references to the entrance section of Palladio's Villa Poiana
Both exterior and interior walls are concrete faced with stucco. Sound-insulation plaster is sprayed onto the interior surface of the vault, while copper covers the roof on a base of thermal insulating materials.