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Shanghai Zendai Himalaya Center

2003 - 2011

Shanghai, China

Mixed use

Site Area: 29,000 sqm

Building Area: 13,300 sqm

Total Floor Area: 1,550,000 sqm

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Himalayas Center is located in the Pudong District of Shanghai. The total area of the complex is 139,000 sqm with 89,000 sqm above ground and 50,000 sqm below ground. The program consists of five main functions: Hotel, Offices, Museum, Retail Shops and Public Plaza. To address the challenge of incorporating all these activities within a single building complex, the design concept is based on the creation of a rational architectural composition that gives prominence to each part while allowing a strong interconnection that operates both horizontally and vertically.
The largest volume in this complex is the Hotel, with a height of 100 m. This volume is located in the north end of the complex, so that it does not cast a shadow on the adjacent housing area in the west. The volume in the south of the complex is the Offices and Retail block, with a height of 60 m. In between these two large volumes is the Art Center which forms the core of the complex.
The complex is split into two portions by a horizontal platform at 30 m height. The south block is split into Office above and Retail Shops below. The middle block is split into a Public Roof Garden at the level of the platform, and the Museum and Public Plaza below. Therefore, this middle zone forms a three-dimensional public space. The north volume is split into guest rooms above and other facilities including Multi-purpose hall, Banquet Room, and Convention Hall below, all of which relate to the large Convention Center located nearby to the east. This north block is a cube with side 60 m, and will be a landmark overlooking the area around it and the Roof Garden immediately to the south. The Garden also connects to the block in the south, which houses 20,000 sqm of office and retail space.