Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Central Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art

2003 - 2008

Beijing, China

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 8,641 sqm

Building Area: 3,546 sqm

Total Floor Area: 14,777 sqm

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The process of designing for CAFA MoCA, began by addressing the meaning of the exhibition space, through the planning in the most conventional forms of contemporary art exhibition, the 'white cube'. The relation to this fixed form and composition method was gradually reinterpreted, in an attempt to transcribe the meaning of the space by giving it a kind of life that will be lived in the given space. As the idea of exhibition begins to change, so did the edges of the conventional cube. Where it is thought that the surface edges delineate the limits of the space; by dissolving them; the space became a singular free-flowing space, wrapping organically along the site boundaries. The curved surfaces creates what we consider to be a more neutral background for the art and skylights from above provide diffused and reflected natural light to exhibited the art in an harmonious way and yet, simultaneously animating the space by created definition to the curve white surface.
The possibilities of this new form of exhibition is that it will act as a generator and facilitator of art, by confronting the viewer and artist to react to it and experiment with the space as part of their work.
Designs of a freer curved surface from the intention of rational cubed surface are not difficulty to achieve with advance structural analysis and software engineering. The challenge that still remains is in overcoming the limits of existing construction technology in realizing ones full intents.