Qatar National Convention Center


New Florence Station Competition


Florence, Italy



Site Area: 66,100 sqm

Building Area: 24,500 sqm

Total Floor Area: 46,670 sqm

In the fragmentary context around the actual Florence station, some buildings of the italian futurism and the station itself create interesting reference points. Walking in the areas next to the binaries, the heating center and the office building in the corner of the competition site, both designed by the futurist architect Angiolo Mazzoni (1894-1979), make the starting points for the interpretation of the neutral and gray spaces around.
The project for the new Florence station takes the dynamic of the futurism movement in a solution trying to join the big distances of the existing site in an accelerated intersection of functions and relations. A big organic roof 400 meter long emphasizes the station and covers its main open hall in the basement. Trains, taxi, buses, people are mixed one upon the other in an urban stratification that ends in the futuristic roof with helicopters' landing areas and panoramic restaurants. An homage to the "air-station" project (1931) by the futurist architect Tullio Crali (1910-2000).
The roof organic shape has been developed by sophisticated software that chooses the best solution to distribute the tension in a uniform way in all the structure elements.