Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Qatar National Bank

2003 - 2006

Doha, Qatar


Building Area: 14,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 22,000 sqm

This plan is situated 600m north of Qatar national Library. Although the two sites lay side by side, this study was carried out carefully and thoroughly, on account of different client and different program. Several schemes were planned simultaneously. Under such circumstances, the current proposal features a pair of cores as if the previous National Library's cylinders have multiplied. Its form however is completely asymmetrical, producing a relationship in which the two stand in contrast all the while responding to one another.The building is assembled sculpturally so that change of light and visual movement dramatically affects the expressions on the building. It is solved in such way that all of the grids on the plan and elevation are based on the equilateral triangular module 17.4m on a side. The 22,000sqm building accommodates the headquarter functions of the Bank and applications such as international conference hhall.