Qatar National Convention Center


Qatar Education City

2001 - 2005

Doha, Qatar

Urban Design

Site Area: 7,500,000 sqm

The Education City project is located in Qatar, a sovereign state facing the Arabian Gulf. His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Her Royal Highness Sheikha Mouza bint Nasser Al-Misnad envisioned this project as national enterprise that will allow their population of two hundred thousand to transform their nation into an educational and cultural hub of the future.
Since the initial Master Plan was drafted in 1992, the site has expanded to more than triple its original area, from 220 ha to 750 ha. This extension includes not only the education campus itself, but also an Equestrian Park (Al-Shaqab Stud) to the south, in addition to a Science and Technology Park, Hospital, Shopping Center, Hotel, and Residential lots. True to its name, the project has thus grown into an immense 'Education City' by integrating diverse educational facilities and a wide variety of related functions into one holistic campus.
What is unique about the 'Education City' vision is that it brings together several Ivy League colleges, offering the best education in each field, which are selected and invited whole - curriculum and facility. As a result, schools from top-notch universities around the world are interwoven and placed within one campus, side by side.
One of the main features of the Education City campus is the Green Spine, a landscaped pedestrian promenade 100m wide and 1600m long, which forms the symbolic axis of the site. The current plan of development, scheduled to complete in 2007, begins with the detailed planning of the Central Facilities around the Green Spine. These Facilities will form the heart of the campus.
The Green Spine terminates to the north with a large-scale Convention Center and to the south with a multi-purpose Ceremonial Court. The Administrative Think-Tank (to be run by Harvard University) and Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences are located to the west, and the already-opened Weil Cornell Medical College, School of Engineering (Texas A&M University) and Business and IT College are located to the east. The Central Library, Student Center and Faculty Club are located along an oval further to the east and are connected to the Green Spine by another pedestrian Spine that crosses the site from east to west. These are part of the Central Facilities and will form the functional/spatial nucleus of the campus.