E-JUST - Perspective


Qatar National Library

2002 -

Doha, Qatar


Site Area: 124,000 sqm

Building Area: 22,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 55,000 sqm

The Qatar National Library, to be located at the center of the Corniche fronting Doha bay, is designed to be a prominent Landmark with a powerful and innovative identity. The site lies between the National Theater and National Council Complex with the Central Post Office to the north; and is 400m long and 300m wide, with a 450m Corniche frontage. The building will have a height of 117m (almost 120m above the Qatar National Datum) and will therefore be the highest building along the Corniche.
The main library volume is supported by three cylinders, and is elevated high above the ground. This volume aligns on a north-south axis resembling tapered wings that spread progressively as the building levels move upwards. The Qatar National Library will undoubtedly be highly distinctive and immediately recognizable among the mixture of high-rises along the Corniche, and will provide outstanding views to Doha bay.
At ground level a low volume forms a podium on which the structure appears to stand. This podium will house the Museum of Natural History, Science Museum and Art Galleries. The landscape around the building will be sculpted to blend with the library and enhance its appearance as a floating structure.