Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Beijing World Exhibition and Sports Center Competition


Beijing, China

Mixed use


Site Area: 4,200,000 sqm

Building Area: 734,000 sqm

Total Floor Area: 1,750,000 sqm

As one of the candidate cities of the 2008 summer Olympic Games, Beijing held the international design competition for the master plan of the Beijing Wold Exhibition and Sports Center in 2000. The Site is located on the extended axis of the Imperial Palace.
An aritifical lake of width 500m and depth 1,300m adournes the center of the plan, and is there to echoe the North Sea, South China Sea, and China Sea in the west of the Imperial Palace. In the north of this aritifical lake, at the deepest area of the site, an undulating green terrain is piled up to correspond to the Jingshan, and set the main stadium with 80,000 seats on the extended south-north axes of the Imperial Palace. At the east side and west side of the aritifial lake likes the Olympic Village, which adopts a squarish layout all along. At the southern edge of the artificial lake, a world trade center and an international exhibition center is laid out as a future CBD. The World Trade Center is a super high-rise building reaching a height of 600m, and is to form an iconic gate for this development.
Further to the south also, lies a sports park consisting of one sports ground and two gymasuims. All these facilities are planned for the Asian Games, and will be utilized as well for the Olympic Games afterwards.