Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Isozaki Atea-Urbitarite Project

1999 -

Bilbao, Spain


Total Floor Area: 80,800 sqm

Bilbao River’s Left bank is now undergoing redevelopment with architects summoned be the city of Bilbao. F.O.Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum and Federico Soriano & Dolores Palacios’ Palacio de Congresos y de la Musica have already been completed, with C. Peli’s office building that is yet to be constructed standing in between.
The site of this project is located 500m upstream from the Guggenheim Museum. Early in the last century a 5-storied bonded warehouse was planned, but its construction came to an end when the third floor, roof terrce and balustrade were finished. The building went through a diamantling of its interior in the 1990s, leaving only the facade intact. This time, the plan featured a commercial office building with 5 floors overground and 5 floors underground, but its construction was abandoned when the structure frame has reaced the third floor overground. The current project involves dismantling of the existing structure with the exception of the old bonded warehouse’s facade and basement structure, putting together the site, the public road and its adjoining plots of land, and through alteration of the urban planning, redeveloping the area as a public plaza, business facilities, and housing complex.
A plaza in the shape of stairs is arranged along the axis extending from Plaza Moyua in the center of Bilbao, in such manner the downtown area would be connected to the riverside promnade. Both sides of this stepped plaza border a pair of high-rize apartment buildings. Inside the existing facade are the low-rise apartment buildings arranged in the shape of a folding screen. The facade, facing the river, would be dismantled leaving the central part intact, and a patio is planned to draw the promnade into the premises.