Qatar National Convention Center


La Caixa Forum, Entrance Court

1999 - 2002

Barcelona, Spain

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 1,165 sqm

Building Area: 1,165 sqm

Total Floor Area: 2,028 sqm

This public patio is a newly added main access route to the CaixaForum, housed in the renovated Casa Romana. The latter is located at the foot of Montjuic hills in Barcelona, Spain. A former textile factory built in 1911, this Modernismo piece of architecture had been used by Franco's guards from 1940 on, until it has been appointed a cultural property by the state in 1976. Given such history of the building, the former factory's main space was turned into an exhibition room. Construction works have already been in progress for some time, digging underground while preserving the original fa?ade, to create a main entrance for the entire facility along with auditorium.
The building faces Marques de Comillas, a main road which passes through the trade fair site to lead up to various aesthetic facilities used during the Olympic games. On the other side of this street is Barcelona Pavilion, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929 and rebuilt in 1986. The patio buried underground, is made up of Cordova-native limestone walls and floorboards, and comes with a small, enclosed garden which partly ground level, one approaches the underground main level by means of stairs, escalators or elevators. The machinery is covered by the "iron tree", made of weather-resistant steel (cor-ten steel) and glass canopy. Such ironwark is a specialty of Spain.