E-JUST - Perspective


Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center Competition


Shenzhen, China



A unified floating structure similar to a ship hull is proposed on the muddy soil of the Land Block N0.14. The huge single concrete disk with the diameter of 360 meters receives sufficient buoyancy from the compressed air under the mat foundation. With no piles, the structure floats on the water. The floating disk is not anchored to the rock stratum and therefore gains a complete structural freedom from horizontal quakes. The upper structure is released from the structural restrains and the huge internal space is made possible without the structural steel frames. Here, the conventional construction method of reinforced concrete and brick work is extensively developed.
On this huge circular disk, variety of building blocks based on pure geometric forms are symmetrically positioned in order to balance the load distribution. The two semicircular blocks at the both side of the central north-south axis constitute the Exhibition Halls. Internally the Exhibition Halls extend on the two different levels in those semicircular objects. Externally, they are plastered in red and clarify the outline of the floating island. The square glass box with the dimension of 100 x 100 meters in floor plan and 32.4 meters in height is the Displaying Hall. It is located to the north along the central axis and also functions as the north entrance lobby facing Baishizhou Road. To the south there is an inverted triangular pyramid covered by dark green slate. It is the Convention Building and creates the formal entrance from Binhai Avenue. The ridge line of the triangular pyramid projects like ship bow towards Shenzhen Bay. At the very center of the floating island, a circle with the diameter of 100 meters is three-dimensionally transformed into the surface of hyperboloid of one sheet with the height of 65 meters. Internal space of the curved surface is utilized as the Central Square. Externally this unique object is clad by stainless steel sheet and becomes the spectacular landmark.