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Shenzhen Cultural Center

1997 - 2008

Shenzhen, China

Cultural Facility ― Library, Concert Hall

Site Area: 55,846 sqm

Building Area: 17,662 sqm

Total Floor Area: 89,745 sqm

Shenzhen Cultural Central's music Hall facility consists of a large hall and a small hall of 1800 seats and 400 seat capacity respectively. The large hall, a new vineyard typology, has a highly designed acoustic performance. The walls partitioning the unitized seat groups, has its detailed angle and height, designed through the use of computer simulation and 1/10 actual scale model, and that to assure a refined and balanced acoustic field for all audience within these units. The hall's specific cone shape, steep inclination, and its total ceiling height of 23m has been also derived using the same computer and mockup apparatus. Its smooth curved concrete ceiling provides a suitable acoustic reflecting surface.
The windows, surrounding the pipe organ, provide natural light and also through their opening can allow to adjust the air volume at the back, thus enhancing the acoustical quality.As for the small hall, it is mainly targeted for Chinese opera, and some other experimental performances. Its mobile stage and platform, allows for flexibility and interchange between performers and audience.
4 structural column trunks with structural beams branching outward from them form 4 tree like structures that support the polyhedron glass roof of the atrium entrance space. These structures are all coated with gold leaf finish and named the Golden Trees.