Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

1997 - 2003

Yamaguchi, Japan

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 14,536 sqm

Building Area: 7,326 sqm

Total Floor Area: 14,808 sqm

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A cultural Complex Comprising a library and a studios, located midway between Yuda Springs, an urban district with in Yamaguchi City, and the center-city area embracing Yamaguchi Station and City Hall. The program involved a library, several studios and various rooms to complement / develop them. Each of these spaces required: function that would satisfy professional needs, potential networking that would link activities to be held at the library, studios and other places; and flexibility to meet the changes in requirements and new activities that would emerge from networks. The internal space markup features reference rooms and studios that require bigger volumes housed under a large roof, loosely divided by a glass box that also functions as an inner court, and office rooms accommodated in a space defined by a set of columns placed at intervals of 4.5m, parallel to the large roof. The sequence of main spaces in the center along the longitudinal axis creates a huge cavity covered by a unidirectional curved roof with a hybrid structure of arches and suspensions. This curved roof's main vertical support is Vielendeel-trussd, which also functions as an earthquake-proof device along the transverse axis.
Foyers and corridors not only connect each room but also serve exhibitions and performances, providing un expected encounters to the otherwise unconnected visitors. A number of outlet boxes for data cables and power supply are mounted on the floor. A good part of the ceiling is covered with louvers with larger gaps to facilitate wiring under the roof and installing LCD projectors. Two bridges put into place at a height of 4.5m link the second-floor space that in divided by the cavity into north and south, in such way that visitors can stroll around the facility and access various exhibits and other places without worrying about running into a dead-end.