Datong Theater - Construction Site


Shenzhen International Trade Plaza Competition


Shenzhen, China



Site Area: 30,396 sqm

Building Area: 16,180 sqm

Total Floor Area: 243,600 sqm

The stock exchange project is to be located in one of newly developed area of Shenzhen. The site faced a broad, tree-lined mall running through the middle of the central district. As is usual in cases of large-scale development, offices, housing, a hotel and commercial facilities were all part of program. The stock exchange accounted for about ten percent of the total floor area. Private development projects that had a little bit of everything were much in vogue throughout the world in the 1980s.
Our proposal tried to give this private development project a public character. Taking into consideration the rainy, tropical climate of this area, we decided to introduce a half-outdoor public space that was urban in scale.
All the facilities are concentrated in a single block and accommodated in a cube measuring 120m to a side. The upper half of the building consists of the hotel, offices and housing units, arranged around a courtyard. The lower half consists of a stairway cutting diagonally across the entire block; the commercial facilities are situated under the stairway, which will become a public plaza. The stock exchange is a midlevel floor, suspended from above . It roof is an organically undulating surface; underneath it are meeting rooms and banquet halls. The undulating surface turns the courtyard into a garden.
The main office and apartment buildings being constructed at present are towers or slabs. Our scheme, by contrast was large in size and possessed a clear geometrical form. It was intended to be a conspicuous presence in the spacious central district, witch will have large transportation spaces and a verdant garden, and to suggest a way of organizing urban spaces in the area.