Qatar National Convention Center


Kiryu City Performing Arts Center 

1992 - 1993

Gunma, Japan

Cultural Facility ― Multipurpose Arena


Site Area: 26,600 sqm

Building Area: 5,940 sqm

Total Floor Area: 15,280 sqm

The competition brief called for a large hall, a small hall, and a convention hall with a international conference capabilities, for an overall floor area of 1,5000㎡. The Kiryu site at the northern edge of the Kanto Plain worked decisively in the design process; the convention hall situated right in the first fold of the foothills where town of Kiryu fanned out from the mountains onto the alluvial plains. Moreover, Kiryu is known as a traditional weaving community, giving the building a silhoutte based the image of cloth on a loom.
Since the raised curved surfaces of cloth folds trace a characteristically smooth and continuous geometry at all points, making for infinite subdivisibility, we opted for a scheme a geometry derived from “Fourier series”. The Fourier number series being a progression whereby each item is derived via trigonometric function, varying the initial amplitude and cycle so as to shift the delay ratio and any given item yield a limitless array of curved surface. Thus, our two main tasks in drawing up plans were to fide curved surfaces with the interior capacities required for the large hall, small hall and convention hall while yet clearing external sulight-access restriction on overshadowing, and to translate those curves into a rational structural form.