Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice

1992 - 1994

Ishikawa, Japan

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 12,988 sqm

Building Area: 613 sqm

Total Floor Area: 760 sqm

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Ukichiro Nakaya is the first person to succeed at creating snow crystal by artificial means. A physist with a world reputation as an expert on snow. Nakaya was also a great promoter of the sciences, an essayist and a painter. This building was conceived as a memorial to the scientist. The museum collect, preserve and display materials related tohis work and art, in order to posterity his wide-rangeing accomplishmens in science and his rich personality. At the same time, it is intended as a center for the gathering and transmission of information concerning snow.
The building consists of the base and the wooden structure above. Three hexagons with frame-construction walls and sections of 7.2 meters at their widest point were set in a row and topped with tensegrity structure roofs composed of hexagonal wooden rings. the exterior walls are covered in wooden clapboards. these hexagons house the entrance, exhibit gallery and video-display hall. The base consists of two RC cnstructed walls, with a precast concrete T-shape bringe across the 12-meter span, housing exhibits, storage, offices, and machine rooms.