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Daimler Benz AG, Project Potsdamer Platz Competition

1992 - 1993

Berlin, Germany



The buildings are part of an overall development of Potsdamer Platz. The master planning is done by Renzo Piano and involves, as a result of the 1992 competition, a group of five architects from five different countries. The two office buildings are located in the sharp corner at the southern most tip of the Daimler-Benz site, next to the Landwehrkanal. Both buildings have been thought of as one single entity which encloses one large garden space in-between the parallel office wings. The wings are connected above the garden by skywalks.
For the design of the 37m high blocks it seems essential:
-to continue the existing series of well-known buildings along the canal (Fahrenkamp-Stirling-Mies-Scharoun)
-to make use of the freedom given within the masterplan guidelines and
-to create the most attractive workplace condition possible, using the most up-to-date office design knowledge.
The characteristic sequence and urban quality of Berlin, which changes between openness and dense courtyard, was interpreted through the contrasting "inner garden world" and the surrounding outside. The quiet garden space, enclosed by the 9-story building, relates to the size of the famous hall in the neighboring state library by scharoun. At the pedestrian level, this garden can be looked in from the outside streets through the transparent ground floor, a softly undulating glass wave.