Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Museum of Modern Art Munich Competition

1991 - 1992

Munich, Germany

Cultural Facility


Total Floor Area: 45,000 sqm

The number of museums in Germany has doubled with in the last ten years. After this development the goal should shift to the inter-linkage of several individual collections into a "large house" aiming to unify divergent disciplines. One idea in this direction is the simultaneous presentation of fine and applied arts.
The new museum complex, combining Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst, Neue Sammlung, Staatlich Graphiache Sammlung, Architekturmuseum and several changing exhibition spaces, is not intended to dominate Munich's urban fabric, but to be consistent with the features of the existing context. The aim was to create a strong figure to match such buildings as Alte Pinakothek, Glyptothek, and the entire ensemble at Konigsplatz. Alte Pinakothek is recognized as the dominant building in this section of the city.
The new building is located on the extended longitudinal axia of the Alte Pinakothek and the characteristic lawn area continues around the circular shape. The ten meter high entrance hall offers a clear and generous circulation space which can also be used for special events. The spatial experience of climbing up and crossing bridges towards the bright vestibules is appropriately celebrated. The temporary exhibition areas are placed in short distance from the entrance on ground floor level. The closely inter-linked exhibition areas themselves provide an environment which defers humbly to the art works displayed. By means of different ceiling heights and the different orientation of the skylights, each individual exhibition area will have a unique atmosphere.
The demand for a totally flexibility has in recent years been questioned at many levels. The appropriate architecture for the contemporary art museum has to serve the exhibited installations and not the other way around. If the relation between art and architecture can be solved in such a way then the suggested museum could become a contemporary monument of our age.