Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


Fukuoka Sogo Bank, Head Office

1968 - 1971

Fukuoka, Japan


Site Area: 5,226 sqm

Building Area: 3,467 sqm

Total Floor Area: 21,052 sqm

Design began in 1968 for the head office of the Fukuoka City Bank on a site facing the square in front of Hakata Station in Fukuoka City; 10 years after its completion, an extension was built on the adjacent site.
The overall structure consists of two walls 50 meters in height (the maximum height allowed under the height restrictions imposed on account of the airport's proximity) running parallel to the full 80m length of the site. Besides enclosing the rooms that must be accommodated at a high level, rooms as randomly assigned units protrude on either side of the wall. At ground level, the area facing the street is occupied by the banking hall with the rear accommodating the parking garage. The upper levels house administrative offices and executive offices. The bank's administrative hierarchy is organized according to height. The overall image is affected by the over scaled walls with those penetrating or protruding elements playing a subordinate role.
The red Indian sandstone used to face the paired walls have been left unpolished, the variegated coloring and surface texture thus provided is particularly effective in the southern region of Fukuoka where the sunlight is very strong. For the units jutting out from the wall's lower region, sepia-colored cor-ten steel was chosen to match the coloring of the red sandstone, while for the massive beams bearing them, Swedish red granite was used. The banking hall's fa?ade which faces the station's plaza is composed with massive cylinders which, like pillars, produce an image appropriate for a bank.