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B-con Plaza-International Convention Hall

1991 - 1995

Oita, Japan


Site Area: 32,301 sqm

Building Area: 12,830 sqm

Total Floor Area: 32,453 sqm

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Governor Morihiko Hiramatsu of Oita Prefecture argues that things that are local have global implications, but it is first necessary to have a base from which information can be transmitted. B-con Plaza is a large-scale facility for housing various conventions and is intended to turn Oita into a newsworthy place. It is centered around 8,000-person arena, a 1,200- person philharmonic hall which can be used for conventions, an international conference center, small and medium-sized conference rooms for subcommittee meetings and a 1,000-person reception hall. The facility will have the capacity to accommodate large-scale activities that may be organized if the idea of regrouping present-day prefectures into large regional units is ever adopted.
The 125m high Global Tower is conceived as a fragment of a giant sphere, one kilometer in diameter, covering this district in Beppu. It is literally a part of a globe. The observation terrace situated 100m aboveground affords a view of Beppu Bay. It is a place from which the entire region ca be seen, much like the vantage points from which the lie of the land was studied in Japan in ancient times.
The design is intended to avoid the oppressive, hard, boxlike image that convention centers are adopted to project. Transparent glass is used on the side facing Fujimi Avenue, and each facility is expressed as a separate from on the Nagaregawa Avenue side. These two sides are played off against each other.