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Museum of Contemporary Art, Stuttgart


Stuttgart, Germany

Cultural Facility

Competition [Winner]

Site Area: 9,294 sqm

Building Area: 6,673 sqm

Total Floor Area: 15,000 sqm

The city of Stuttgart whose Alt Stad Gallerie (first generation) exhibits works of art collected during the early 19th century, followed by the Neue Stad Gallerie (second generation) designed by James Stiring which exhibits Paintings and sculpture covering the period from the end of the century to the present, was host to an international design competition for the construction of the third generation, the Museum of Contemporary Art, dedicated to contemporary art of the future. This winning entry clearly corresponds to the characteristic requirements of a museum of this type. In order to accommodate the increasing dimensions of art works, the pluralism of forms, complexity of composition and diversification of conditions, this proposal presents a system of galleries which offer a spatial environment of varying sizes, scales, proportions and lighting qualities. At the same time it is a design solution which, through its meandering form of circulation, allows visitors the perceive art works, as any museum of contemporary art should, through a direct experience of space.
The project consists of the main building, the elliptical entrance pavilion and the cone-shaped Sohm Pavilion. The entrance pavilion is a connecting point to the galleries, coffee shops and other public spaces. The main floor of the gallery consists of a single hall measuring 108m by 45m, with natural lighting from above, and can be partitioned by means of dry walls, depending on the works being exhibited.