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Center for Advanced Science & Technology Hyogo (CAST)

1990 - 1993

Hyogo, Japan

Office ― Auditorium

Building Area: 5,004 sqm

Total Floor Area: 7,394 sqm

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The Center for Advanced Science and technology (CAST) was built as one of the pilot facilities at an early phase of construction of Harima Garden City in weatern Hyogo prefecture. The facilities are divided into Guest House and Conference Center, and for a period will serve the function of a center for all business meetings and other gatherings and hotel for the city as a whole.
Since the building is situated on a hill next to the mail intersection at the heart of the new city, it was neccessary to resolve the question of how to define relationships with the main roads passing through the city and with Town Park, the main park in the city, before beginning the architectural design. This was at bottom an issue of what sort of urban design would be best for Harima Science Garden City, as a city set in nature.