Datong Theater - Construction Site


JR Kyushu Yufuin Railway Station

1989 - 1990

Oita, Japan


Site Area: 1,996 sqm

Building Area: 572 sqm

Total Floor Area: 373 sqm

JR Yufuin Station stands at the western end of Yufuin Town, a hot spring resort surrounded by lush nature, and faces Mt. Yufu.
A recent increase in the number of tourists demanded renovation of the obsolete station and the following conditions had to be met in the construction: that the station not be a mere passing point but a forum for information exchange and symbolize Yufuin, and that the building not exceed a height of 12m, in order to meet the town ordinances. A 12-meter long concourse was laid at the center, the station offices and the hall for cultural events lining the concourse. Buildings were all made of wood and connect, instead of the traditional skeleton system, large glue-laminated assemblies and wood frame construction were used to create a large space. A cross-vaulted roof was placed over a cube measuring 9m to a side so as to introduce light from all directions. The wicket latches were removed to eliminate the conventional image of a railway station, and the stone-covered floor is heated by using the hot water from the spring. Small concerts can be given here. The offices and hall form an open stage, constructed by bow-shaped and glue-laminated materials and tension bars. The hall with detachable panels mounted on the windows and other openings to create additional display spaces.