Long Hu Sub CBD - Construction Site


JR Ueno Railway Station Redevelopment

1988 - 1995

Tokyo, Japan


Total Floor Area: 260,000 sqm

This is a redevelopment project for one of Tokyo's three main terminal train stations, Ueno Station. It will restructure the present station building, strengthening its present functions while at the same time including the addition of a giant complex consisting of a hotel, a department store and cultural facilities, adding volume to the whole. The program foresees a 100,000 ㎡ hotel, an 80,000㎡ department store, the reorganization of the interior of the station itself, theaters, art museums, etc., for an overall surface area of 250,000㎡.
The super high-rise tower in the center will have a height of 300m and will be dedicated mostly to hotel rooms. At 50m intervals there aeromechanical floors which also act as buffer zones in case of fires or earthquakes. To lend an extremely sleek and slender form to the tower, four giant buttresses support the building at the base in the front and in the back. The base of the tower is in the form of a quarter circle, the upper region of which is occupied by a department store, with the central concourse of the station at the bottom. A thorough restructuring of the spatial arrangement of the station's premises is achieved by the use of left-over spaces in the concourse which has a height of 24m and a length of 100m. At the same time, bridges and escalators are installed as part of the circulation patterns of the department store and hotel, transverse the upper part of the station concourse and giving an overall view of the complex at a glance.