Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Acqua Hall, EXPO ’90 International Garden and Greenery Exposition

1988 - 1990

Osaka, Japan


Building Area: 5,476 sqm

Total Floor Area: 7,035 sqm

Aqua hall, one of the pavilions planned by the EXPO committee, is located south-west of the main gate. At the time the EXPO was being held it comprised over 5,000 square meters, and was more than 15m high. In its great hall, flowers and trees from all over the world were exhibited, making it a facility symbolic of the entire EXPO. The building extends its two arms toward the area where the main circulation patterns of the visitors are concentrated, embracing a pond which is spanned by two bridges that serve to welcome the guests to its entrance. The main elements of the vessel-like exposition hall are the roof and exterior circular walls. The roof spreads out from four central 15m high columns, each covering an area 36m in diameter. Drawing on the principals of tensegrity, the construction consists solely of a steel frame ring jointed to the base by thin steel tie rods, resulting in a light structure. In the interior there is a gallery on the second floor. To allow the passage of natural light a transparent glass undulating curtain wall stretches from the roof to the base, which is composed of concrete clad in aluminum panels. In the execution of the roof several things were considered: safety, expediency and the theme of the EXPO. The components were first assembled on the ground and then elevated to the height of 15m by means of four lifts.