E-JUST - Perspective


Team Disney Building

1987 - 1990

Florida, U.S.A.


Site Area: 233,800 sqm

Building Area: 12,700 sqm

Total Floor Area: 39,950 sqm

A vast area in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World covers an area of 28,000 acres (twice the size of Manhattan). The site is located by Lake Buena Vista near the entrance to the theme parks, accessed from the east-west freeway. An artificial lake and a large parking lot surround the building.
The architectural program foresaw the efficient realization of approximately 4,000㎡ of office space within one building, but since there is enough land there no need to resort to high rise construction. The offices are contained in two elongated four-story blocks on a north-south axis, through which a skylight atrium runs. As a functional element, the atrium lets in natural light and provides a setting for bridges and stairways connecting the different work areas and inviting free movement. On the exterior are flush curtain walls with reflective glass and aluminum. The main entrance can be found in the space between these two blocks. There, a conspicuous cone, rising skyward, defines a courtyard in its interior and actually serves as a giant sundial with a larger stylus on top which casts a shadow onto the interior circular wall, thus marking time and the seasons of the year. Around this cone, different elements in a variety materials, colors, and forms confer the building a special character. The cone is intersected by the large surface of the two east-west blocks, and the large cube at the entrance is pierced at an angle by another cubic element, doubling as a skylight. On the third floor are meeting rooms, which are accessed on the west side by a bridge piercing the cone. The main entrance has a "Mickey" canopy which pierces through to the inner court of the cone, and is not only functional but serves as a focal point attention, inviting visitors. The artificial lake surrounding the building, together with the silhouette of the building reflected in the water, attest to the position of support and leadership of these offices tn the world of Disney.