Harbin Concert Hall - Construction Site


Tokyo Christian College, Chapel

1988 - 1989

Chiba, Japan

Religious Building

Site Area: 73,597 sqm

Building Area: 831 sqm

Total Floor Area: 859 sqm

Tokyo Christian College moved its campus to a newly developed town in Chiba Prefecture in order to expand its scale and system after a decade of Christian education in kunitachi, Tokyo. The Chapel was designed as the center of the new facility.
The condition presented to us were to accommodate 400 people and to have rooms for piano and organ lessons for religious music majors. As a result, two buildings facing each other across a small yard were set in the center of the campus; one for the chapel and the other for the music lessons rooms. As a large space was required, we used glue-laminated girder structure, employing RC construction in order to sound proof the buildings.
The chapel is formed by two joined dome roofs of about 11m radius, and made of glued fir timbers, and a smaller dome covering the entrance hall. Almost all of the exterior was finished with natural slates to give a black color to the building as a whole. The inside is filled with light coming from openings cut out of the walls in the arch-shaped openings. The framed walls a d benches are mainly made of wood. The front tower is a belfry to give a symbolic feature of a chapel to the building.