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Bond University - Library, Administration Building, Faculty of Humanities Building

1987 - 1989

Queensland, Australia


Building Area: 4,611 sqm

Total Floor Area: 15,618 sqm

Daryl Jackson was elected master planner for the campus of Bond University, the first private university in Australia. Buildings were commissioned to several architects, and we were asked to design buildings for the facility of humanities, the administration offices and the library. The site is situated in an area called Valley Forest near the Gold Coast in eastern Australia, extending across gentle hills covered with pine trees. The south-western side of the site faces a pond. The master plan by Daryl Jackson attempts to harmonize the picturesque landscape and man-made architecture built within that landscape under the theme of the fusion of romantic vision with classic clarity. The design of the respective buildings is made conform to the master plan.
The building comprises a library, classrooms for the facility of humanities, the facility offices, and the administration offices. We arranged the library and classrooms in parallelepiped on both sides of the central axis of the university and bridged them with a two-layered administration office building. The three series of arches of the office building, the successive colonnade, and a cone-shaped tower enclose a central court. The colonnade is deviates from the central axis by 75°in accordance with the master plan. Almost all the outer walls are covered with sandstone produced in the site.