Qatar National Convention Center


Hara Museum ARC

1987 - 1988

Gunma, Japan

Cultural Facility

Site Area: 16,771 sqm

Building Area: 866 sqm

Total Floor Area: 866 sqm

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The museum was built at a corner of a ranch on the slope of Haruna Mountain in Gunma Prefecture surrounded by nature. It is a two hour drive from Tokyo. ARC was originally planned as a summer branch of Hara Museum in Tokyo, which is the only art museum dedicated exclusively to contemporary arts. We were challenged to meet two conditions; i.e. the Museum should accommodate outer concerts held in summer when the ranch is flocked by tourists, and the building had to made of wood because the owner of the museum is in the timber business. We decided to place in the center a gallery of almost the same sixe as the one at MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) with the largest pyramid is skylight, and arrange two rectangular wings on both sides ina fan shape. The entrance hall planned at the revet of a fan serves as a stage, the front yard extending on a slope as spectator's seats, and the outer walls of the rectangular gallery as the back drop for the stage. As all the walls inside are painted white for exhibitions, light is taken in from the top. The pyramid-shape roof is covered with black slates and the vaults on both sides with zinc plates. The exterior wood walls are all stained black. Although made of wood, the method used in the frame work was not traditionally Japanese. By deliberate use of glue-laminated timbers, and wood frame construction with the uniquely Japanese atmosphere.