Qatar National Convention Center


Kitakyushu International Conference Center

1987 - 1990

Fukuoka, Japan


Site Area: 9,559 sqm

Building Area: 4,536 sqm

Total Floor Area: 9,025 sqm

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The International Conference Center was planned as the nucleus of a convention center modeled after the European-style "Messe". The aim was to create a new multipurpose conference center for receptions, meetings, expositions and other events which in recent years have been requiring different kinds of audio-visual and telecommunications systems.
The site is flanked on the West Japan General Exhibition Center and by a ferry dock on the east side. In formulating the overall composition of the building special consideration was given to the axis of the adjoining exhibition hall and the axis of the wharf which intersects the former at a 13 degree angle.
Besides restaurants, a lounge, special rooms and general office space, the functional program called for a 600-seat main hall for general conferences, a large scale reception and event and event hall accommodating 1,000 people, and a smaller 100-seat hall for high level international conferences. These various halls, disposed in two different geometrical systems growing out of the two different axes, are grouped around a courtyard. The main hall is well equipped with support systems, including a 200-inch high resolution screen, to meet the needs of any kind of conference. In the event hall it is also possible to hold trade shows, exposition and concerts. A concrete roofing was chosen for the large assembly hall, the event hall and the international conference room, both as a design solution and for its acoustic qualities. It is a rational structure, consisting of an undulated complex circular-arc concrete shell with a maximum span of 27m. The secondary and tertiary curves of the prestressed cables were arrived at through the use of computer analysis. To prevent damage from the sea air, the roofing is covered with overlapping lead sheets, welded at critical point. Lead sheets are also excellent for isolating sound. Tree kinds of finishes are used on the exterior; stucco, granite and aluminum curtain wall, as well as in the interior, according to the layout. The juxtaposition and collision of the geometrical elements derived from the context has been emphasized in the entire building.