Ark Nova Project - Construction Site


Tokyo University of Art and Design

1986 - 1993

Tokyo, Japan


Site Area: 86,063 sqm

Building Area: 10,908 sqm

Total Floor Area: 25,461 sqm

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The Tokyo University oa Art and Design relocated from midtown to Tokyo to a new campus on a hilly site that straddles the border between Nachioji and Machida to the west of Tokyo. Our approach is to foster a relationship to the largely intact natural landscape of the area instead of leveling hills and filling in valleys. The was to preserve the natural “skyline” of the mountain peaks as far as possible and the facilities were to be designed like the original villages in the valleys, which the buildings nestled into the trees. The service road that connects all the facilities would circumnavigate the hills and valleys in such a way that the buildings could be easily hidden from view. The foot of the hill that defines the campus outline will not be altered in order to leave that environment as it is. Although some compromises were necessarily most of these goals were successfully met.
The campus is decentralized and consequentially the campus cannot be seen a single sweeping view but instead reveals itself in portions along the pedestrian and service routes in the manner of the hidden views of a traditional stroll garden. The layout is basically broken into three groups; and a group of ateliers. Further, the groups themselves are broken down into smaller buildings to maintain an intimate relationship with the scale and forms of the surroundings.